Students are required to bring their own basic equipment to each lesson (listed below). When choosing your equipment you should consider the quality versus the price. Buying the right equipment can make a big difference to the quality of your work and can make the whole process more enjoyable!

Art equipment and paper come in different qualities. The most expensive is called 'Artist' quality. The paint will have more pigment contained in the  mix and paper will be heavier and more robust. 'Student' quality equipment will give you a very similar result to that of the artist quality but at a much reduced price. I would recommend that this is where you start.


Please note that children's paper and paint are poor quality and will therefore result in disappointing outcomes! Try to buy the best you can afford.


Please feel free to contact me before you purchase equipment if you feel you need a little more guidance.


"I spend all week looking forward to it"

  • Drawing pencil: HB or 2B

  • Eraser: Plastic or Putty

  • Paper:  There are lots of different types to choose from but to start with look for weight 140lb (300gsm or go higher for  thicker paper). Ideally surface NOT (slightly textured) or Rough (very textured). Buy a Block pad which has all the pages gummed together to stop the paper cockling (which is great for beginners).

  • Watercolour pan set or tubes: A student starter set will be fine but note that you will not require white or black paint! (Tubes will require a separate mixing palette ~ a porcelaine one is best).

  • Brushes: A student starter set will be fine to begin with.  Make sure you have a selection of round brushes (2 will be enough) Sizes  6 & 10 are a good starting point. These can be a synthetic/sable mix. Plus a large brush for washes either a medium Hake or mop brush

  • Masking fluid: Use with brush or ruling pen

  • Water Container: A jam jar or plastic pot will be fine

  • Sheets of kitchen towel

10% discount is available to all students on full price art equipment at
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(sale items & special offers are not included in this promotion). Available to students who present a Craft Stationers card and a Welcome to the Drawing Room Receipt (as part of your welcome letter after lesson payment is received).