Term Dates 

Academic Year 2019 ~ 2020

New members are welcome to join any of the classes at the beginning of a full term period

or at the start of any half term period.


Covid19 - Currently there are no physical classes running due to  social distancing restictions - however classes continue on-line, with step-by-step worksheets and video demonstrations. Please get in touch if this would be of interest to you!

Tracey Bengeyfield

Watercolour Class Dates

11/12 Sept ~ 16/17 Oct 2019

12 weeks

6/7 Nov ~11/12 Dec 2019

Half Term ~ 2 weeks 23/24 & 30/31 October ~ NO LESSONS

26/27 Feb ~ 1/2 April 2020

8/9Jan ~ 12/13 Feb 2020

12 weeks

Half Term ~ 1 week 19/20 February ~ NO LESSON

10/11 June ~ 15/16 July 2020

22/23 April ~ 20/21 May 2020

11 weeks

Half Term ~2 weeks 27/28 May  & 3/4 June ~ NO LESSONS

To make enquiries or to book your space complete the 'get in touch' section on the contact page

Please note: To enjoy the full term discount  you will need to join classes at the start of one of the three full terms ie. Autumn, Spring or Summer


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go to TraceyBengeyfieldArt.com for more information
Please note due to Covid19 classes are being held online via Skype until physical classes can resume