Drawing Class

Drawing Classes are aimed at those wishing to learn how to draw and improve their observational skills or for those wishing to learn new techniques and experiment with a wider range of media.


During a half term period, students will study a set theme. In this time you will be encouraged to make observational drawings from either real life or from photographs. This will help to improve your understanding of proportion, tonal value, use of line and shape. The work studied can be taken at your own pace, and you will be encouraged to look for ways to develop and improve your work.


By working together and through practice, you will begin to build a greater understanding of techniques and how to use different media which, in turn, will help to develop your confidence and skill.

What You Need To Know

  • Lessons are bookable in advance at the start of any half term period (usually 5/6 weeks) or full term period (Students that commit to the full term option will enjoy a discount).

  • Each half term period is self-contained so you will never start your first lesson already behind!

  • Classes are limited to a maximum of 18 students to ensure enough 1:1 time.

  • Suitable for beginners & intermediate students

  • Students need to supply their own equipment. Take a look at the equipment list for more details

  • To book your place, please click the message button and complete the 'get in touch' form

Classes & Fees

Classes run for a two hour session on:

Thursdays 12.30 noon - 2.30pm

Classes are bookable for a minimum of half a term

Half term period............£65

Full term period............£130 discounted to £110*

* Full term discount can only be applied when booking at the start of a new term

New students will require to pay a £30 deposit in advance to secure your place

Current students will receive priority booking for the following term.


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